I, II, and III Conditional Sentences – 2

Make the first, second or third conditional. 

  1. He ___________ (not, forgive) you unless you ___________(tell) him the truth. 
  2. I ___________ (buy) the new playstation VR headset if it ___________ (cost) less. I would use it at the party next week. 
  3. I ___________(not pass) the driving test unless I ___________ (take) a few more driving lessons. I still need to practice and feel more confident on the road. 
  4. If she ___________ (have) enough support from management , she ___________ (go ahead) with her plans. Unfortunately, they didn’t support her so the company eventually lost a lot of money. 
  5. I ___________ (call) you if I ___________ (not/forget) my phone. 
  6. If SpaceIL ____________ (land) a spacecraft on the moon that can travel 500 m and send back pictures, they ___________ (win) the contest. 
  7. If he ___________ (be) younger, he ___________ (travel) more. 
  8. If she ___________ (call) me, ___________ (take) a message. 
  9. If we ___________ (arrive) earlier, we ___________ (see) the Lunar eclipse. 
  10. It I ___________ (be) you, I ___________ (ask) for a promotion. 

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