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Do you like fruit and vegetables? Read about special ways you can use them.

by Ben Miller

The Vegetable Music Band*

The Vegetable Music Band is a special band that plays music with fruit and vegetables. In the band, there are five musicians**.

Before every show the musicians buy carrots, potatoes, watermelons and other fruit and vegetables at the market. They wash the fruit and vegetables and make holes in them. This takes them a long time.

At the show, the musicians blow*** into the holes in the fruit and vegetables. That is how they make music. People from all over the world come to see the show.

After the show, a chef makes soup with the vegetables that the musicians don’t use. The people who come to the show eat the soup together with the musicians.

* Band להקה

** musicians  מוזיקאים

***blow לנשוף


Special Pictures

John Fox has an interesting hobby. He uses vegetables to make pictures of basketball players, singers and other people. He cuts carrots, peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables to make pictures of people’s faces. John’s pictures are very colorful. He sells them all over the USA and gives the money to poor people.


1. What is special about The Vegetable Music Band?

  1. a They use food to make music.
  2. b They make music at the market.
  3. c They eat soup before every show.
  4. d There are five people in the band.

2. Circle Yes or No.
Do people like The Vegetable Music Band? Yes / No

Copy a sentence from the text that shows this.

העתיקו מהטקסט משפט המראה זאת.


3. What do we know about John Fox?

  1. a He plays music.
  2. b He makes salads.
  3. c He is a poor man.
  4. d He makes pictures.

4. How does John Fox help people?


19. What do the music band and John Fox have in common (במשותף)?


– The End –

Put the words in the right sentence.

interesting, use , cuts, face, holes, singer, play, buy, make music

  1. I’ll never forget the look on her ________.
  2. What kind of soap do you ________?
  3. Every evening she ________ vegetables to make a salad. 
  4. Taylor swift is a famous ________. 
  5. My mom told me an ________ story about her trip to China.
  6. The band uses fruit and vegetables to ________. 
  7. They make holes in the fruit and vegetables to make the sound. 
  8. Before every show, they go to the market to ________ the vegetables. 
  9. They ________ music by blowing into the holes.

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