Smart Cars

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The CES is the Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA. It starts on January 5 and ends on January 8. There are many new cars at the show.

Honda’s car has a digital helper. Its name is HANA. HANA can know how you feel. When you are happy, it plays happy music. When you are worried, it plays relaxing music. The car can drive itself too. When you drive it, you can tell the car what to do.

Do you want a car like the Honda?

Grammar Focus 1: Possessive Adjectives

Grammar Focus 2: Present Simple

Circle the right word/words. הקיפו את המילה/צירוף המלים כדי ליצור משפט נכון. 

  1. The Electronics Show am / is/ are about cars, cameras, and phones…
  2. It starts on January 5 and end/ ends on January 8.
  3. Honda’s car have / has a digital helper called HANA.
  4. The car know / knows how the driver feels. 
  5. Many cars play/ plays happy music when you are happy.
  6. It can drive itself. It  needs / doesn’t need a driver to hold the wheel.
  7. You tell / tells it where you want to go.
  8. When you need/ don’t need the car, other people can use it.

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