Art For Dogs – level 1

Art for Dogs – level 1

Grammar Point :  There is / There are


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If you like dogs and art, this news is for you. There is an art gallery in London. It is special. It is a gallery for dogs. Dogs have fun at the gallery. They can play with the art.

There is a model of a car. There is a fan next to it. Dogs can sit in the car and look out the window. The fan makes wind. The dogs feel like they are in a real car.

There is also a big dog bowl. There are lots of brown balls in the bowl. The balls look like dog food. Dogs can get inside the bowl. 

The man that makes the art gallery says: “I want to make dogs happy. Dogs need to play.

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  1. What is special about the art gallery?
  2. What can you see in this art gallery?
  3. Why do dogs need an art gallery?


Practice There is / There are

More Practice: Find the differences



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