Questionnaire: How well do you know your friend?

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  1. Do you make friends easily?
  2. Do you get angry easily?
  3. Do you throw trash on the street?
  4. Do you usually help your friends?
  5. Do you usually help your mother and father in the house?
  6. Do you cook?
  7. Do you save money?
  8. Do you play computer games?
  9. Do you like the color red?
  10. Do you have a computer in your room?
  11. Do you like sports?
  12. Do you often watch the same movie more than once ?
  13. Do you go to sleep late?
  14. Do you believe in god or angels?
  15. Do you go to sleep with the lights on?
  16. Do you like chocolate ice-cream? 
  17. Do you trust people? 
  18. Do you lie sometimes? 

Does she/he…

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