Fair Play

Runner gives up her race to help another runner in the Rio Olympics 


We’re in the 5,000 meter race at the Rio Olympic Games. Runner Nikki Hamblin, from New Zealand, takes a bad fall. She trips up the United States runner, Abbey D’Agostino. The American gets back up, and helps Hamblin back to her feet. She wants to help her to finish the race. D’Agostino is hurt badly from the fall and falls down again. This time it is  Hamblin who helps her get up. Together, they finish the race well after the other runners. They hug and cry at the finish line. 

Hamblin says, “I go down and I am like ‘what’s happening? Why am I on the ground?’ Then suddenly I feel this hand on my shoulder, like ‘get up, get up, we have to finish this’ and I am like, ‘yep, you’re right’. This is the Olympic Games – we have to finish this. I didn’t know this girl before, and she’s just so amazing, such an amazing woman.”


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