Make the Question 2- Present Simple

Make the question according to the answers marked. 


A: I drink mineral water after the practice.

2. Q:

A: Sarah and Linda feed the elephants at the zoo.

3. Q:

A: They live in Paris

4. Q:

A: The cat sits on the sofa in the mornings.

5. Q:

A: Nina plays a computer game called The Sims.

6. Q:

A: My parents watch TV in the afternoon.

7. Q:

A: Sam and I call our grandma every Friday.

8. Q:

A: My dad does the shopping in our house.

9. Q:

A: Fred and I go to the cinema every Thursday night.

10. Q:

A: The computer I want to buy costs $500.

11. Q:

A: We read the newspaper on Friday

12. Q:

A: Dan drives an old Mitsubishi.

13. Q:

A: Brown has 3 children .

14. Q:

A: The train leaves in an hour.

ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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