Present Simple Exercise 2 – positive




Elephants ______ (be)  very interesting animals. The elephant ______ (be) the planet’s largest land animal. It ______ (stand) up to 3 meters tall and __________ (weigh) up to 6,000 kilos.

Elephants have two big teeth called tusks. The tusks __________ (help) them dig* for water, ________ (carry) heavy things, and __________ fight with other animals. Elephants have a long nose called a trunk. Elephants can do many things with their trunks: they ________ (smell) with them, make noises with them, and _________ (use) them to take a shower.

Elephants _________ (have) complex brains and _________ (be) very smart and sensitive. They have a very good memory. When they find water they will remember the place for a long time, even if it’s far away.

Elephants have feelings too. They are afraid when they are in danger, sad when other elephants are hurt, and happy when they meet friends and family. They ________ (carefor their families and ________ (remember) old friends. In fact, when elephants _________ (see) their friends, they often _________ (show) their feelings by wrapping their trunks together or putting them on each other’s heads.

Elephants have big families. They all live together and help each other. When elephants need help they make special sounds. These sounds are special because people cannot hear them.

White Gold

Most elephants live in Africa and Asia. They eat a lot, but only plants and leaves.  Unfortunately, people want tusk ivory and this ______ (put) elephants’ lives at risk.  It ______ (be) the reason so many elephants are killed. In 1979, there were around 1.3 million elephants in Africa. By 2007 that number had dropped to between 472,000 and 690,000!

Today, in many parts of the world, ivory or “white gold” ______ (remain) a symbol of wealth עושר and status, especially in Asia.

Elephants have very large and complex brains. They are very intelligent animals.  

This Video shows elephants painting. 



1. Where do most elephants live?


2. Elephants can remember places. This helps them ___.

  • a. find water
  • b. hear people
  • c. make sounds
  • d. carry things


3. Elephants have feelings. Give two examples:

a. ________________________________________________________

b. ________________________________________________________

4. Choose Yes or No next to each sentence according to what you read in the text.

a. Elephants eat meat.     YES/ NO

b. People can hear the elephants’ special sounds.   YES/ NO

c. Elephants live with their families.   YES/ NO

5. Which question has an answer in the text?

  1. Why do elephants fight?
  2. When do elephants eat and drink?
  3. How do elephants remember sounds?
  4. What do elephants do with their trunks?

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