Passive Voice – Exercise 1

1. Everyone here speaks Spanish. 

Spanish ________________ by everyone here.

2. James is writing the email. 

The email ________________ by James.

3. When we came into the clinic the doctor was treating the patients.

The patients ________________ by the doctor when we came into the clinic. 

4. When I came into the office they were interviewing her for the job. 

She ________________ for the job. 

5. NBA team Cleveland Cavaliers dismissed their head coach David Blatt in January. 

David Blatt ________________ as Cleveland Cavaliers’ head coach in January. 

6. The coach instructed the players during the game . 

The players ________________ by the coach during the game.

7. The professor told her that her project was excellent. 

She ________________ by the professor that her project was excellent. 

8. They say that women live longer than men. 

Women ________________ to live longer than men.

9. That news surprised me. 

We ________________ by that news.

10. The Romans built aqueducts throughout their empire and introduced water into the cities.

Aqueducts ________________  by the Romans throughout their empire. 

11. Scientist believe that the ozone hole may affect climate.

It ________________ that the ozone hole may affect climate.

11. He would reject the offer. 

The offer ________________ by him.

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