Word Bank Riddles – Blue Whale

Practice the words in a 2 syllable game

I study nature to find answers

Who am I?


I am a very large animal and I look like a fish. 

But I am not a fish. 

What am I?


When was it?

A very long time ago.


It does not happen.

But it is very close


People do this to animals in nature.

So they are in danger


After some more time. 


It is very good!

It is what they want. 


I am red and soft.

I am in your mouth.

You can eat and speak because you have me.


This tells you if a thing is small medium or large.


I am inside your body

I am red and strong. 

You can’t live without me. 


Very small.


This word sounds like way

___________ me!

I am on a diet.

Am I heavy?


The sound is very ___________

Put your hands on your ears. 


ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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