The Blue Whale


Scientists have good news. There are 2,200 blue whales in the East Pacific Ocean, between Mexico and Alaska. A hundred years ago, there was almost zero. In 1971, people stopped hunting whales. Forty years later, the whales are back. Dr Cole is very happy. He says: “This is great success story.” Dr Cole says that the whales still need our help. We must help them so they don’t die. 

Blue whales are the largest animals on Earth. Their size is up to 30 meters long and they weigh more than 180 tons. Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant. Their hearts, as much as a car. They eat tiny sea animals called krill. They eat about 3.6 tons of krill a day. They make a loud sound and can hear each other up to 1,600 kilometers away . After about a year inside its mother’s womb, a baby blue whale comes out and weighs up to 3 tons . For one year, the baby eats only the mother’s milk. Blue whales can be as old as 110 years.         


  • How heavy is the blue whale ? How much does it weigh?
  • How long is the blue whale?
  • What does it eat? How does is eat it? How much of it does it eat every day?
  • Is it a fish or a mammal ? 
  • How long does the baby drink milk from the mother?  
  • How heavy is the baby when it is born?
  • How old is the whale when it dies?
  • poster-buckelwalkuh-saeugt-ihr-kalb-im-pazifischen-ozean-210472.jpg


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