Words in the News – Level 1

Wife Carrying Race 

This news is about a sports event. It is a race. A man carries his wife in this race. He needs to run over obstacles. It is hard because of obstacles like water, or fences .

Forty-four couples race in the event. A couple wins. The husband and wife win beer and money. The money comes in cash. The money is more heavy than the wife. It is $655 (six hundred and fifty five dollars).

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Read the Text in Level 2

Art for Dogs

There is a model of a car. There is a fan next to it. Dogs can sit in the car and look out the window. The fan makes wind. The dogs feel like they are in a real car.

There is also a big dog bowl. There are lots of brown balls in the bowl. The balls look like dog food. Dogs can get inside the bowl. 

The man that makes the art gallery says: “I want to make dogs happy. Dogs need to play.

Practice the WORDS on Quizlet

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