Practice the words from Unit 1 on Quizlet

Complete the sentences using  words from the word bank.

Exercise A

countries, hard time, environment, decide, highest, special, far away, hero, celebrate, collect, journal

  1. She ____________ her Bat Mitzvah on October 26.
  2. He decided to be the youngest person to climb Mt Everest, the ____________ mountain in the world. 
  3. He decided to write a ____________ to keep memories from his journey.
  4. The Amazing Race is a TV show in which teams of two race against each other and travel through eight ____________. 
  5. We’re trying to create a better learning ____________ for our students.
  6. We ____________ to travel to Italy in the vacation. 
  7. We have a ____________ guest tonight.
  8. If you decide to travel ____________ and see the world, go to Argentina.
  9. He ____________ money for a charity called “Hopes and Homes for Children”.
  10. I had a ____________ breaking the news to my family.
  11. Their neighbor is a ____________. He ran into their burning apartment and saved the father.

Exercise B

agreed, alone, angel, can’t wait, cover, diary, famous, find out, hard time, feelings, have fun, feel

  1. She sings like an ____________.
  2. I’m going to be a ____________ pop star when I’m older. 
  3. We all ____________ to meet again after the holiday season.
  4. My friends give me a ____________ because I’m too busy to hang out with them.
  5. I ____________ to tell my parents what happened.  
  6. How do you ____________ about moving to a different city?
  7. I’m sure I can ____________ what the problem is. 
  8. I just moved to a new town and new school and still feel ____________ .
  9. Don’t forget to ____________ and enjoy the adventure.
  10. A short biography of the writer is written on the back ____________ of the book. 
  11. Writing about your feelings in a ____________ can make you a happier person. 
  12. You should say sorry if you hurt his ____________. 

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