Celebrity Riddles

I was 92 years old when I died.

I was the president of Israel. 

Everybody in Israel knows my name. 

I traveled the world a lot.

I fought to bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians.

Who am I?

I am 31 years old. 

was born and raised in Hod HaSharon, Israel.

I am a famous  model and businesswoman.

 I work all over the world.

My baby girl is one month old. 

Who am I?

I was born in 1963.

I played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards.

I am very popular- people love and respect me. 

I made a deal with Nike and they made a brand with my name. 

I am the first billionaire NBA player in history and the world’s second-richest African-American. I make $100 million a year. 

Who am I?

I am one of the most famous people in the world. Everybody knows my name. 

My name is attached to characters such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. 

I love art and movies. My professional started when my brother started a Studio.

This studio is now a very big and successful company. 

Who am I?

ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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