Miky, The Police Dog

Read the Story, pg. 11



Practice the Words on Quizlet

need – צריך
police – משטרה
decide – להחליט
knew – ידע
trained – מאומן
lucky – בר מזל
took – לקח
got – קיבל
understand- understood – להבין- הבין
learned – למדcommands – ציוויים
police officer – קצין משטרה
rabbi – רבי
asked – ביקש, שאל
correctly – באופן נכון
amazing – מדהים
No way! – אין מצב!
sure – בטוח
wrong – טועה, לא נכון
was born – נולד
even – אפילו
during – במהלך
visit – ביקור, לבקר
president – נשיא
great story – סיפור נהדר

Grammar Focus: Past Simple

Put the verbs in Past Simple

  1. I _____________ (read) this story on the internet.
  2. A few years ago a police officer in America _____________ (need) a dog to help him with his police work. 
  3. He _____________ (decide) to get a good police dog from Israel. 
  4. He _____________ (know) that dogs that are trained in Israel are the best. 
  5. He _____________ (be) lucky. 
  6. In Israel, he _____________ (get) a beautiful, three-year old German Shepherd. 
  7. He _____________ (take) it to the USA. 
  8. But then, the trouble _____________ (start).
  9. The dog _____________ (not, understand) what the police officer said. 
  10. The police officer _____________  (learn) the commands פקודות in Hebrew. 
  11. But the dog still _____________ (not, understand).
  12. The police officer _____________ (not, know) what to do. 
  13. Then he _____________ (have) an idea.
  14. He _____________ (go) to a rabbi. 
  15. He  _____________ (asked) the rabbi to teach him how to say the commands correctly in Hebrew. 
  16. It was amazing! The dog  _____________ (understand) the police officer and everyone _____________ (be) happy. 
  17. Miky the dog _____________ (be) born in Holland and police officers _____________ (bring) him to Israel to train him. 
  18. The police officer and Miky even _____________(help out) during a visit by president Obama. 


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