Past Simple – Mixed Exercise including ‘be’

  1. Last year I ______________  (go) to Paris. 
  2. What time ______________ ( you/start) work yesterday? 
  3. I ______________ (give) my friend a great present for her birthday. 
  4. She  ______________ (hear) a strange sound when she opened the door. 
  5. The coach ______________ (say) my name to the other people in the group . 
  6. The car ______________ (be/ not) in the parking lot when we came back.
  7. We ______________ (think) it was an amazing experience.
  8. ______________ (you, were) afraid when you saw the lions?
  9. She ______________ (win) first prize in the race. 
  10. How long ______________(it/ take) you to get here?
  11. I ______________(eat) three slices of pizza, and two pieces of cake. 
  12. He ______________ (run) three marathons last year . He ___________ (be) very fit.  
  13. I ______________(not/ sleep) well last night. I only ______________(sleep) 5 hours . 
  14. We ______________(stay) in a hotel when we were in London. 
  15. I ______________(not/ sleep) well last night. I only ______________(sleep) 5 hours . 
  16. ______________(she/ be) happy to see us yesterday?ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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