There is / There are

Fill in the sentences with There is / There are

  1. __________ a sofa in the room.
  2. __________ some children in the yard. 
  3. __________ many birds in that tree. 
  4. __________ a picture on the wall.
  5. __________ some milk in the fridge . 
  6. __________ some pupils in front of the teacher. 
  7. __________ an elephant in the zoo.
  8. __________ five apples in that box. 
  9. __________ some orange juice in the bottle.
  10. __________ a cat under the tree. 
  11. __________ six chairs in the kitchen.
  12. __________ some money in my bag. 
  13. __________ an alligator in the water.
  14. __________ some books on the table.
  15. __________ an old man behind the door. 



ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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