Comparatives and Superlatives

Fill in the correct form of the adjective in brackets.

  1. The amazon river is ___________ river in the world. (large)
  2. Kids learn ______ than adults. (fast)
  3. This street is a lot _______ than the main street. (narrow)
  4. Sydney is _______ city in Australia. (big)
  5. The smell of this flower is not ________ the smell of that one. (strong)
  6. Today is one of ________ days of my life. (happy)
  7. This model of camera is __________ in America than in Europe. (popular)
  8. Math was ___________ subject in school in my opinion. (interesting)
  9. James is not _________ as his sister. (tall)
  10. This mobile phone has ______________ features than that one. (good)
  11. Jane always says she’s just __________ any boy. (strong)
  12. There were _________ people at the concert than I had expected. (few)
  13. A vacation in Asia is ___________ than a vacation in Europe. (cheap) 
  14. I think that being a good student is __________ than having many friends. (important)
  15. Being a good friend is __________ than you think. (easy)
  16. The flight to Australia was _________ flight I have ever taken. (long)
  17. That was __________ meal I have ever eaten. (bad)
  18. How can we make ‘learning’ _________ than ‘playing’? (attractive)
  19. The new city is not _________ the old city. (beautiful)
  20. She always feels she is not _________ her twin sister. (smart)

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