Questions in the Present Tenses

Write the right question according to the marked answer. 

It can be in the Present Simple or the Present Progressive. 

Exercise 1

1) ________________________________________

John is at the park with friends .

2) ________________________________________

Yes, she is working at the office at the moment.

3) ________________________________________

The concert starts at 8pm

4) ________________________________________

I’m meeting Jane at the ice cream shop after school.

5) ________________________________________

They are watching a show called “Great Adventures”.

6) ________________________________________

No, they aren’t studying now.

7) ________________________________________

It costs $40

8) ________________________________________

She is 14 years old.

9) ________________________________________

I have 4 children. 

10) ________________________________________

The are hungry because they didn’t have time to eat lunch

11) ________________________________________

I’m from Israel

12. ____________________________________?

Yes, we are swimming now.

13. ____________________________________?

My parents are driving to the shopping center

14. ____________________________________?

She is bringing the box today.

ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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