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Most kids love to play games on the computer and watch TV, but not 10-year-old CJ Senter. He says, I love staying fit and healthy. He is one of the youngest fitness instructors in the U.S.A. 

CJ loves football. He is an excellent football player. He is the best on his team, and they win most of their games. He decided to show other kids that exercise can be fun and that it can help them win games too. 

He made two workout DVDs. They are called Workout Kid. Each DVD has a 40-minute workout with great music and fun activities. CJ’s plan is to get kids off the sofa and moving to the music with kids their own age. 

In his DVD he tells the kids to drink water, to warm up before the workout and to cool down at the end. He always tells the kids, You can do it ! 

More about CJ 

Favorite subject: math 

Other sports: basketball and running 

Pets: five dogs Family: an older brother, Brandon, and a younger sister, Jasmine 

Plans for the future: to be a football player 

Go to CJ’s website to find out more: 

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A. Write T (true) or F (false). 

1. CJ only plays computer games.   True/ False 

2. CJ teaches football.                        True/ False

3. CJ believes exercise is fun.          True/ False

4. CJ made 40 workout DVDs.         True/ False

B. Answer the questions. 

1. What does CJ call his DVDs? 


2. Name three things CJ makes sure kids do in his DVDs. 

1. __________2. ______________3. __________________

3. How many children are there in CJ’s family?


4. Where can you get more information about CJ? 


C Do you want to try the “Workout Kid” DVD? Why or why not?




  1. Most kids ____________ (watch) TV every day
  2. We ______________ (watch) TV right now
  3. I ______________ (exercise) four times a week because I want to stay fit and healthy.
  4. I ______________ (exercise) with my friends tomorrow
  5. CJ ______________ (play) football in a team. 
  6. CJ ______________ (play) football with his team at the moment
  7. They usually ____________ (win) their games. 
  8. They___________________ (win) the game now.
  9. The coach always ____________ (tell) the kids to drink water. 
  10. He ____________ (drink) water at the moment. 


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