Transportation Riddles

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I have a bell and a loud whistle, too.

I can carry lots of people and things.

I may be long. I may be short.

My wheels roll only on rails.

I am a…



I have four wheels.

I am very useful.

I take people to work and on vacations.

I take people shopping and all over town.

I am a…



I carry passengers from city to city.

I can fly for hours and hours.

I land at airports.

I am an…



I carry lots of people.

I pick them up and drop them off.

I might travel from city to city.

I might only go from block to block.

I am a…



I have a siren and flashing lights.

My driver keeps you safe.

We patrol your town.

We take criminals to jail.

I am a…

Police car 


I do not have wings but I can fly.

I can go straight up or down.

I can go sideways or forward or backward.

I can land almost anywhere.

I am a…



Call me when your car will not go.

I am very big and strong.

I will help when you need a tow.

I am a…

Tow Truck 


I am simple and very strong.

I have four wheels and a million uses.

I do jobs around the farm.

I help farmers grow crops.

I am a…



I have two wheels.

I have no motor.

Sometimes I have a bell or a horn.

You can ride on me.

I am a…



I have four wheels.

I am very roomy.

People love me and use me for everything.

I love to go on vacations.

I am a…



I am a very fancy vehicle.

I can carry one person or many.

I carry them to meetings and parties.

I need extra long parking places.

I am a…


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