Dig This – A Theme Park in Las Vegas

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Did you enjoy playing in a sandbox with tractors and trucks when you were little? Now there is a special sandbox just for you: “Dig This”. Located* in Las Vegas, this theme park* is a huge sandbox for anyone over the age of 14, but instead of digging with a shovel, visitors get the chance to use a real bulldozer.

Each lesson at Dig This begins in a sandbox with a toy bulldozer. This may seem childish, but before visitors are allowed to use a real bulldozer, they have to know how it works. After the lesson in the sandbox, visitors get to choose what they want to drive – a bulldozer, an excavator* or a caterpillar (a special kind of tractor).

The next lesson involves learning some basic skills. Visitors learn how to dig a hole, pick up a basketball and park the machine on a hill. Once this lesson is completed, visitors are ready for a job. The most popular job is building a pyramid out of old tires. This sounds easy, but it’s another story when you are using a 980,000-kilogram machine!

Playing in this sandbox isn’t cheap. It can cost between $200 and $700 for a three-hour visit. Visitors need to order tickets in advance because Dig This is becoming one of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas. Believe it or not, women enjoy Dig This as much as men. Instructors say that women customers operate these big machines better than men.

Are you interested? Then book your place at Dig This. You’re sure to have lots of fun.

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