Speaking- useful phrases


Speaking- useful phrases

Comparing: Contrasting:
In the same way


Be similar to

Not only… but also




More/less than

Both/ as well/ also/ too

On the one/ other hand

Instead of

Rather than


In contrast to

As opposed to

But/ however

While/ whereas

Although/ though/ even though

Reaching a joint decision:


How about…?

Why don’t we…?

I’d like to…

I’d prefer…

Which would you prefer?

That sounds good.

We could always…

Wouldn’t you like to…?

Expressing an opinion:

In my opinion/ view

I believe / feel/ think that

I’m convinced / sure that


If you ask me,…

It seems to me that…


Expression agreement and disagreement

Agreement Disagreement
(Yes,) I agree.

I think you’re right.

I share your opinion

I see what you mean

You’re probably right

Yes, that’s right


(I’m sorry but) I disagree

I think you’re wrong/ mistaken

I see your point, but…

Look at it this way,…

I’m not sure I agree with/ accept that

On the contrary,…


Some polite ways to disagree:

I hear what you’re saying, but I’m not sure I agree.

I beg to differ.

You’re right in a lot of ways, but have you thought about this?

That’s one way to think about it… However, I believe that sometimes we have to do something different.

Not to play the Devil’s Advocate, but I think exactly the opposite.

Well, my opinion is slightly different. I think we shouldn’t have gone that route.

Are you sure about that? I read this article that says something different.

On the other hand, if people did it that way, it might get done faster.

You’ve made some good points, here, but I’ll have to disagree.

We’d better agree to disagree.

I’ve read something different— The Prime Minister was quoted in the paper today saying he would lower taxes.

I’m not sure that’s true…

Sorry, but I have to disagree with you there. I think it’s wrong to cut social assistance.

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