Past Progressive & Past Simple

Write the verb in Past Progressive or Past Simple.

1) What __________  (you/do) when I __________ (call) you last night?

2) I __________ (swim) in the pool when you __________ (call).

3) When you  __________ (enter) the house, what __________  (the burglar, do)?

4) He __________ (open) all the drawers in the bedroom closet.

5) What __________  (he, do) when he __________  (see) you?

6) He __________ (jump out) the window and __________  (run away).

7) We __________  (hike) in the mountains when John  __________ (hurt) his ankle. 

8) Jane __________ (watch) a film when she __________ (hear) the noise.

9) Yesterday I __________ (meet) Julie for coffee, next I __________ (have) dinner with Alex, later I __________  (go) to the cinema.

8) What __________ (the neighbors/do) at 5pm yesterday? – it was really noisy.

9) She __________ (take) a shower when someone __________ (knock) on the door.

10) She __________ (be) in the shower when someone __________ (knock) on the door.

11) When we __________  (arrive) at the party, all my friends __________  (dance).

12) We __________ (see) 2 movies while while we __________ (fly) to New York.

13) It __________  (be) a beautiful day on the beach. The sun was __________  (shine) and the birds __________ (sing).  Ben __________ (surf) and I __________ (walk) barefoot on the sand when I  __________ (meet) an old friend.

14) Jack and Annie  __________ (live) in Boston when their third child was born.

15) When the passengers __________  (get out) of the plane, the captain and flight attendants  __________ (wait) at the aircraft’s entry door.

16) On holiday we __________ (visit) Paris, __________ (see) the Eiffel Tower, and __________ (spend) a whole days at the museum.

17) I took an umbrella because when I __________ (leave) the house it __________  (rain).

18) The baby __________  (cry) when we __________ (get back). The babysitter __________ (d0) her best to stop her from crying but she was hungry. We asked the babysitter what happened because when we __________ (leave) the house the baby __________  (sleep).

19) The two sisters __________ (live) in Singapore when they __________ (be) young.

20) She __________  (work) in a high-tech company when she __________ (meet) Matthew. Six months after that, they __________ (get married).

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