WH Questions and the verb TO BE

A. Fill in the gaps with the correct question word. Choose between where, when, what, who.
1.  A:  _____  is London?
     B: It’s in England.
2. A:  ______ are John and Mandy?
    B: They are my friends.
3. A: ______ is your birthday?
   B: It’s on 25th May.
4. A:  ______ is the Amazon?
    B: It’s a river (נהר).
5. A:  ______ is the concert (קונצרט)?
    B: On Saturday.
6. A:  ______ is your schoolbag? 

    B: It’s in my room.
7. A:  ______ are London, Tel Aviv and Paris?
    B: They are big cities.
8. A:  ______ am I?
    B: You are my best friend.
9. A:  ______ are you?
    B: I’m your new English teacher.
10. A:  ______ is your new school?
      B. It’s in Maple Road.
11. A:  ______ is your summer vacation?
      B: It is in June and July.
12. A:  ______ are Monday, Wednesday and Friday?
      B: They are days of the week.
13. A:  ______ is Spongebob (בובספוג)?
      B: It is a cartoon character.
14. A:  ______ is Christmas Day?
      B: It on 25th December.
15. A:  ______ are Sadie and Jack?
      B: They’re at school.
16. A:  ______ are we today?
      B: We’re penguins – the mascot of our basketball team.
17. A:  ______ is a Mercedes?
      B: It’s a car (מכונית).
18. A:  ______ is your favorite (אהוב) school subject (נושא)?
      B: Maths.
19. A:  ______ is your favorite teacher?
      B: Miss Potts.
20. A:  ______ is New York?
      B: It’s in America.
B. Fill in the gaps with the correct question word (when, where, what, who)
and the correct form of the verb “to be” (am, is, are).
1. A:  ______  ______ Brad Pitt?
   B: An actor.
2. A:  ______  ______  Madrid and Barcelona?
    B: In Spain.
3. A:  ______  ______ a flock ?
    B: A group of animals.
4. A:  ______  ______ New Year’s Day?
    B: 1st January.
5. A:  ______  ______ Rotterdam?
    B: In Holland.
6. A:  ______  ______ Berlin?
    B: Capital city of Germany.
7. A:  ______  ______ your friends coming?
    B: In June.
8. A:  ______  ______ Pavarotti and Domingo?
    B: Opera singers.
9. A:  ______  ______ Titicaca and Windermere?
    B: Lakes.
10. A:  ______  ______ the Great Lakes?
     B: Between Canada and America.

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