Book Report Questions


Book Report Questions 

  1. Title, author, copyright date, and genre?
  2. Give a brief summary of the plot of the story. Tell me about the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
  3. When and where does the story seem to take place? What clues in the story did you use to determine the place (setting) and the time the story took place? Was location important to the story? Was the time period important to the story?
  4. What is the problem in the story? What is the solution to the problem?
  5. Did you like this book? Retell in your own words the part you like the best. Explain in detail why you like this part better than the rest of the book. Support with examples from the book.
  6. What did you like least about the book?
  7. Who are the main characters? Which character did you like or dislike the most? Explain fully and support with examples. or:
  8. Choose one of the characters. Write about her/ him: the way she/he looks, her/his qualities, etc. Write five questions you would ask the character.
  9. How does the story end? Were you surprised? Would you change the ending? Why or why not?
  10. What is the significance of the novel’s title? Can you think of another title for this book?
  11. Write 1-2 sentences explaining the moral or lesson of the story.
  12. What was the climax (high point) of the story?


Book Report Tasks

Grade 10

Book Report 1

1. Write a letter to one of the characters .

2. Do a summary of the story in comic strip form .

3. Have an interview with one of the characters asking

questions about the events . It may be recorded and

played in class .

Book Report 2

1. Draw a map showing where the story takes place;

describe what happens in each place.

2. Write a letter to the author, asking questions about how, why and where the book was written . Answer the

questions .

3. Write an advertisement ( for TV , the radio , the

newspaper ) trying to sell the book .

Grade 11

Book Report 3 

1. Write a song or a poem about the book .

2. Write a diary entry for one of the characters .

3. Write a continuation of the story .

Book Report 4

1. Write a dialogue between two or more characters .

2. Write the story in a different style or genre, for example a newspaper article .

3. Describe one or two of the characters you liked best , you liked least ,you would like to be ,you would like to add to the book .

Grade 12

Book Report 5

1. Write about –

things in the story that could not happen in real life .

things in the story that could happen in real life .

things you would like to have happened to you .

things you would not like to have happened to you .

2. Do some research relating to the subject of the book .

3. Make up a different ending or a different beginning .

Book Report 6

1. Write a brief play using characters from the book .

2. Write a book review for the newspaper .

3. Role play a radio interview with the author of the book and tape it.


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