Man – prefixes and suffixes

WORDS – level 1

man       איש

welcome   ברוך הבא

animals     חיות

shoot       לירות

put       לשים

fill  למלא

throw  לזרוק

save   להציל, לשמור, לחסוך

pile    ערימה

garbage    זבל

use    להתשמש

earth    כדור הארץ

in the past     בעבר

treat – 

turn something into   -להפוך משהו ל

trees      עצים

treat  להתייחס

act  מעשה, פעולה/ לפעול

stand        לעמוד

king    מלך

alien    חייזר

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WORDS – level 3-4

environment  סביבה

environmental  סביבתי

creative יצירתי

create ליצור

aware מודע

awareness מודעות

pollute  לזהם

pollution  זיהום סביבה

harm  להזיק

nature  טבע

recycle  למחזר

reuse  להשתמש מחדש

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.05.29 PM

garbage bin פח זבל

crown כתר

crush למחוץ

treat להתייחס

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 11.04.40 PM

glass זכוכית

plastic bags שקיות פלסטית

brutal אכזרי

dietary של תזונה

scientific מדעי

powerful חזק

powerless חסר אונים, חסר ישע

victorious המנצח

Common Adjective Suffixes I (Noun → Adjective)
-AL     relating to accident – accidentalregion – regional brute – brutalperson – personal region – regionaluniverse –universal
-ARY  relating to quality or place custom – customarycompliment – complimentary moment – momentaryhonor – honorary caution – cautionarydiet – dietary
-FUL  full of beauty – beautifulskill – skillful wonder – wonderfulsuccess – successful awe – awfuldelight – delightful
-IC  having the nature of; caused by athlete – athleticphotograph – photographic base – basicscience – scientific history – historicrhythm– rhythmic
-ICAL  having the nature of magic – magicalpractice – practical logic – logicalstatistic – statistical history – historicalalphabet – alphabetical
ISH  origin, nature fool – foolishsheep – sheepish child – childishpink – pinkish self – selfishgirl – girlish
-LESS  without power – powerlessuse – useless friend – friendlesshome – homeless worth – worthlesspenny – penniless
-LIKE  like like – lifelikechild – childlike lady – ladylikebird – birdlike war – warlikespring – springlike
-LY  like friend – friendlyday – daily cost – costlyorder – orderly month – monthlycoward – cowardly
-OUS  quality, nature poison – poisonouscourtesy – courteous danger – dangerousmystery – mysterious nerve – nervousvictory – victorious
-Y  like rain – rainymess – messy fun – funnydirt – dirty dirt – dirtyspot – spotty
Noun suffixes

-ion     decision

-ment achievement

-ness awareness; loneliness

-ity charity; responsibility

-ance/ -ence ignorance, innocence

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