16 Reasons to Master your English

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  1. Put “excellent knowledge of English” on your CV. Get your dream job, and earn more money.
  2. Be a world-class businessman or -businesswoman. It’s simple. International business is done in English. And all business today is international. So if you want to play, you have to know English — to contact other businesspeople, go to conferences, read international business newspapers and magazines, etc.
  3. Learn new skills for your job. The section “Get access to knowledge” explains how English helps you learn.
  4. Being able to speak English will demonstrate a level of intelligence to others, especially if spoken fluently without hesitation or the need to search for words.
  5. When a person is willing to commit to learn what has become known as the International language of today’s modern world it shows they want to be a success.
  6. English is the most commonly accepted language used when people from various different countries get together for conferences, debates as well as social gatherings.
  7. When it comes to technology, it’s mainly the English speaking regions of the world that are at the forefront of many important innovations, although other countries too are pushing the boundaries of technology. However, all the work is carried out based on using the English language.
  8. When it comes to the sciences, again English is the accepted language used throughout the world. Should you wish to get ahead in a job that’s science related, you would need to have mastered the English language to a high level of both speaking, reading and writing.
  9. Being able to speak English allows parents to teach their own children to speak the language from an early age, making it that much easier for the children to get to grips with the grammar, vocabulary and idiosyncrasies of the language. This is one of the important reasons why it is so important to be able to speak English because it means your children will benefit too.
  10. What are you interested in? Is it science? Music? Computers? Health? Business? Sports? Today’s media — such as the Internet, television, and the press — give you almost unlimited access to knowledge about your favorite subjects. Most of this knowledge is in English.
  11. Almost all international conferences and competitions are conducted in English. For example, the Olympics and the Miss World contest.
  12. Diplomats and politicians from different countries use English to communicate with each other. English is the main language of organizations like the United Nations, NATO, and the European Free Trade Association.
  13. Contact people from all over the world. Talk about your ideas and opinions on Internet discussion groups. Send e-mail to interesting people. Learn about their life and culture.
  14. Travel more easily. Communicate with people wherever you go — English is spoken in more than 100 countries (source). Ask directions, have a conversation, or… ask for help. Who knows, maybe English will save your life someday!
  15. Making progress feels great. We’ll never forget the moment we discovered we could speak with Americans or watch TV in English.
  16. Get excellent academic education abroad.

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