The verb BE


Fill in the gaps with am / is / are.

We _________ happy. happy-face_veer_3x4

I _________ strong  strongand energetic. energetic_by_still_smilin

Alice _________ my best friend.images

You _________ funny. You so funny

Yuval__________ a lucky boy. lucky-7b

I _________ clever. superimagem-megacurioso-5012211730058017991

He ___________ 12 years old.

Sue and Carol __________ twins. twins

This cake _________ yummy. yummy

My father _________ tall. _54201919_tall-robert_pershing_wadlow

You ________ very thin. woman-fat-and-thin-e1345831209539

I ________ his brother/ sister.

They __________ my friends.

She ________a dancer. She ________ very flexible. flexibility2

The book ____________ interesting.

They ___________ doctors.

You ___________ very tall.

The table _________ small.

She _________ a young girl.

The stars _________ glowing. glow

ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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