Word Power – Hang – Gliding

tour  tours

troubles victime

hang-gliding Some-of-the-Interesting-Facts-about-Hang-Gliding

association association

provide לספק

supply לספק

should bring צריך להביא

helmet helmet-neon-blue

leather gloves 123

waterproof outfit  article-1371517-0B6737D900000578-185_634x839

license Unknown

pilot pilot-350x260

as free as חופשי כמו

take off unnamed

land  airbus_a340-600_wet_landing_test_aircraft-wallpaper

instructors elite-flight-instructors

ad מודעה

compare x to y להשוות

in order to בכדי ל-

in good shape בכושר טוב

equipment  ppe

muddy Cog Railway


head injury  hovedskade

cuts and bruises 11840903b23b3da0cf055b42ecae4d7c

join the course  להצטרף לקורס

refers to מתייחס ל-

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