Present Simple & Present Progressive – Exercise 1

present simple


Choose the Present Simple or the Present Progressive – it could be positive, negative or question.

Notice the time expressions.

  1. I _______________ (read) an interesting book about body language.
  2. We _______________ (like) to spend our evenings at home. We usually _______________ (listen) to music, _______________ (watch) movies and _______________ (talk) about our day.
  3. George: Hey Lisa. It’s George calling.  Can I talk to your brother? Lisa: I’m sorry, Adam _______________ (be, not) here at the moment. He _______________(play) basketball with some friends. I’ll let him know you called.
  4. Richard _______________ (have) two brothers and three sisters. He _______________ (get) married this month and _______________(want) to have a big family of his own.
  5. Turn down the volume. Julie _______________ (sleep).
  6. When _______________ (you, usually, go) out for lunch? What _______________ (you, have) for lunch today?
  7. My close friends and I _______________(get together) once a month.
  8. I _______________ (take) guitar lessons every week.
  9. Jeremy _______________ (visit) his sister Ann in New york often. Every summer, he _______________ (take) a long vacation from work and _______________ (spend) three weeks with Ann.
  10. They ________ (play) a game in the playstation every time they meet.
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