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Find the Missing Word

Read the whole sentence.

Decide if the missing word is a noun, a verb, an adjective or an adverb.

Find the right word from the word bank.


build    leave    went


ceremony    cinema    city    fire   gardens   guards    ideas    lake    land   police station    post office    prison    prisoners    problems    river    stone    swimming pool        tour


different    exciting    famous    huge    interesting    outside    quick    real    scary    special    terrible

  1. It was the most _____________ NBA game of the year.
  2. They want to _____________ a new school on my street.
  3. She’s always full of new _____________.
  4. We’re going to see the new Iron Man movie at the _____________ tonight.
  5. I have an _____________ book about sports psychology.
  6. We _____________ to see the new stadium immediately after they finished building it.
  7. It’s a very exciting _____________ to visit – always full of life, and the restaurants are terrific.
  8. Dana is a _____________ so she always smells like freshly baked bread.
  9. We went on a _____________ of the city for 3 hours and saw all the main sites.
  10. I have no choice but to _____________ the country for 4 years to study in the USA.
  11. Beyoncé is a very _____________ female singer.

ANSWERS ottawa fnt

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