Word Power

Find the Missing Word

Read the whole sentence.

Decide if the missing word is a noun, a verb, an adjective or an adverb.

Find the right word from the word bank.

Nouns     community     delivery     event     expert    factory     library     Verbs     argue     decide     deliver     laugh at     run into     share       take off     Adjectives     annoying     comfortable     local     Adverbs     probably     Expressions     get stuck

1. eBay has started a new service called eBay Now. It promises same-day ____________ of thousands of items bought from local stores.

2. The Audi A8 has double glazed windows double-glazing-window and temperature-controlled seats 3c239336f175a30651144020da07e437 with massage functions. It’s a very ______________ car to spend time in.

3. Whenever the teacher calls on Sally to answer a question, Billy ______________ her. It makes Sally nervous Nervous Wreck to participate in class.

4. I’m buying a new car and I need to  ____________ between a new or used car. I also need to _____________ how much I can spend and what type of vehicle best suits my needs.

5. If I _____________ in traffic how-to-avoid-traffic-jams-35319_2 and am late to work, I’m frustrated and angry at all those cars that made me late.

6. Research shows that you needed to put in “10,000 hours” to become an _______________ in your field. But you also have to look at how it’s best to practice.

7. It’s a wet, windy night on Broadway when I ______________ Rick enjoying a chocolate shake in front of a well known burger joint on Broadway.

8. One of the first things a relationship therapist learns is that couples ____________ to burn up energy that could be used for something else. In fact, arguments often serve the purpose of using up energy, so that the couple do not have to take the courageous, creative leap into an unknown they fear. Arguing serves the function of being a zone of familiarity into which you can retreat when you are afraid of making a creative breakthrough. (– Gay Hendricks)

9. Q.  We have a friend in our group that has a very ____________ habit of correcting grammar or language mistakes when we’re all together, and over group email chats.  If I point out that this friend is a “language bully” am I just as bad?  Or is there a better way to handle? Please help.

10. The 60 metres is a common indoor sprinting ____________ and it is an indoor world championship _____________.

11. In India, you must ____________ your shoes before entering anyone’s house or a temple.

12. The world’s largest sports shoe manufacturer, which supplies Nike and Adidas, has been forced to halt production at a huge Chinese _____________ after thousands of workers continued to protest yesterday over pay and benefits. (Financial Times, April 23, 2014)

13. Starbucks is planning a new online and mobile service that will _____________ coffee and snacks to your house or office.

14. France has the largest Jewish ____________ in Europe and a recent report said there had been a significant increase in anti-Semitic acts there this year. It is also home to the largest Muslim population.

15. When does “more” finally become “enough”? You _____________ have far more now than you ever had in the past but you’re ____________ not much happier.

16. If you haven’t been inside your local __________ in the last ten years, you might be surprised how easy it is to check out ebooks.

17. Bill Carter at the New York Times reports that NBC is launching a 24-hour ____________ news channel in New York.

18. With a tap, you can ____________ this information with family or friends via Facebook or Twitter.

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