Rihanna – Diamonds

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Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamondFind light in the beautiful sea
I choose to be happy
You and I, you and I
We’re like diamonds in the sky

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Past Simple – Questions about the Subject

Write the questions for the following answers. 

1. Q:

A: Shira was here last night

2. Q: 

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Should wild animals perform in circus shows?


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In 2010, Dawn Brancheau, a Seaworld trainer, died after an attack from Tilikum, an orca whale at Seaworld and one of the San Diego park’s main attractions. The documentary Blackfish tells the story of Tilikum and his long-term trainer Brancheau, and the psychological trauma and stress the whales in the water park endure while in captivity. Blackfish also describes Tilikum’s journey to Seaworld, and how the multi-billion dollar animal park industry runs despite pressure from animal rights groups to shut down. Brancheau, who had 17 years of experience, was feeding Tilikum and having bonding time with him when Tilikum suddenly dragged her into the water and violently tossed her around. Brancheau ultimately drowned and died from horrible injuries. Continue reading

Bethany Hamilton – Soul Surfer 


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Bethany Hamilton – Soul Surfer 

What happens if you’re an athlete and an accident takes away one of the most helpful tools you have to succeed? Bethany Hamilton grew up on the North Shore of Kauai. She was born into the surfer lifestyle. Many people in her community surfed and her parents also loved the sport. Her father was a waiter and her mother cleaned rental condos, earning just enough for them to cover the bills and be able to surf in their free time. For the people in Bethany’s community, surfing was a way of life.  Continue reading

Fair Play- GRADE 4


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Fair Play

We are in the Rio Olympic Games. We’re in the 5,000 meter race. Nikki Hamblin is a runner from New Zealand. She falls hard and hits her shoulder. Abbey D’Agostino is the American runner. She is right behind Nikki. Because Nikki is down on the ground, Abbey falls down too. Abbey gets up, and helps Nikki get up too. She wants to help her. She wants her to finish the race.

But Abbey is hurt badly from the fall. Her leg hurts so much that she falls down again. Now Nikki helps her get up. Together, they finish the race after all the other runners. They hug and cry at the finish line. 
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Use the correct relative pronoun:  where / when/ which / whose / who

  1. This is the neighborhood ______________ I live.
  2. The girl ______________ is standing near the door is Sarah. 
  3. The dog ______________ is barking belongs to Mike.
  4. We are visiting Australia ______________ my brother lives. 
  5. The man ______________ is sitting on the couch is very rich. 
  6. I like the painting ______________ is on the wall. 
  7. I didn’t know the child ______________ brought the book. 
  8. They called the lawyer ______________ office they visited last week. 
  9. He’ll show you something ______________ will surprise you. 
  10. This is the school ______________ I learned when I was young. 
  11. The key ______________ is on the table is not mine. 
  12. Let’s go to a restaurant ______________ we can eat some good meat. 
  13. She worked for a man ______________ used to be an athlete.
  14. We broke the computer ______________ belonged to my father. 
  15. This is the man ______________ money I borrowed last month. 
  16. There isn’t a day ______________ I don’t feel rushed off my feet.
  17. She’s the only person ______________ really understands me.
  18. This is the place ______________ we met.
  19. I remember the day ______________ you joined the army. 
  20. I met a Japanese tourist ______________ lives north of Tokyo. 
  21. I met a friend last week ______________ husband is the CEO of a big company. 
  22. David bought a new camera ______________ was made in Japan
  23. The film is about a man ______________ daughter was lost. 
  24. Here is the new cellphone ______________ I got for my birthday.
  25. This is the man ______________ married my sister.
  26. This is the old lady ______________ house is next to ours.
  27. I think that 2003 was the year ______________ my parents met.ANSWERS ottawa fnt

Mind Matters – Unit 2

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forces of nature, discourage, infection, glamorous, highly recommend, inspired, to be decorated, be equipped withefforts, to be dependent on, descends, exceptional, haunted, lead a quiet life, life-threatening

  1. I want my bedroom _____________ with many paintings. 
  2. I like working on my own because I don’t want _____________ someone else.
  3. In the winter the temperature _____________ from 30˚c to 10˚c.
  4. My swimming coach doesn’t _____________ me, because he wants me to succeed.
  5. I put all of my _____________ into making this the best party ever.
  6. If you want to go on a hike, you must _____________ a lot of water and comfortable shoes.
  7. The runner ran as fast as he could, and got an _____________ score.
  8. I think that volcanoes and tornadoes are the greatest _____________.
  9. Celebrities don’t have such a _____________ life.
  10. I feel scared and _____________ a lot, because I believe in ghosts.
  11. Yesterday I saw an amazing movie that I _____________ you to watch.
  12. Unfortunately, after I swim I always get an ear _____________.
  13. I am _____________ by major inventors such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg.
  14. Some celebrities just want to quit and _____________.
  15. Last summer I had a _____________ experience when a shark almost attacked me! 


muscles, lower, to abandon, boxer, part, trailer, aching, back-up, navigation system, achievements, overcome, supporttraditional, modest, the will, professional

  1. Can you please _____________ the volume? It’s way too loud in here.
  2. The man that won the lottery was so _____________ that he gave all of the money to charity.
  3. My _____________ always hurt after I run.
  4. In order to drive to Eilat, we use a _____________ so that we don’t get lost.
  5. She needs to _____________ her fear of heights if she wants to fly overseas.
  6. I have to pass the audition in order to get the _____________ of Snow White.
  7. In Pesach we eat a_____________ bread called “Matza”.
  8. Before I go see a movie, I watch the _____________ to see if I like it.
  9. If you have _____________ to succeed, you shall be able to accomplish whatever you set your mind on.
  10. In the movie, the mother wanted _____________ her baby, but in the end she kept him.
  11. Running a marathon was one of my greatest _____________.
  12. My back is _____________ because yesterday I fell.
  13. I bought a _____________ DVD, in case we don’t like this movie. 
  14. Although it isn’t a safe sport, being a _____________ is my dream.
  15. I always _____________ my friends and tell them that they can do anything they set their mind to!
  16. I need to become a _____________ dancer if I want to perform on Broadway.

slip, realistic, scale, to gain, row, gym, role, competitive, cliff, to be affected, to hold the record, down to earth, to be challenged, to congratulate, rescued, qualities, determination, ceremony

  1. I don’t want _____________ by these terrible diseases.
  2. The wedding _____________ was on the beach.
  3. The boy that fell of the _____________ is feeling much better.
  4. I always want _____________, so every year I try a new sport.
  5. If I practice hard enough, I will become a _____________ swimmer.
  6. I would like _____________ you for your new baby girl !
  7. After I met my favorite celebrity, I couldn’t believe how _____________ she was.
  8. I go to the _____________ to stay fit and healthy.
  9. Thanks to my _____________ I kept running, didn’t give up and finished the race.
  10. Body builders need _____________ muscle in order to improve.
  11. When I grow up, I want _____________ for the fastest swimmer in the world.
  12. The most important _____________ that I look for in a friend are loyalty and honesty.
  13. Wow! This doll looks so _____________, I almost thought that it was a person.
  14. The fireman _____________ the cat from the fire and save his life.
  15. Sarah is going to play the _____________ of the nurse in “Romeo and Juliet”.
  16. It’s hard for me to _____________ the boat because my arms are too weak.
  17. When she stepped on the _____________, she found out that she lost 5 kilos!
  18. You shouldn’t run on the wet floors, you might _____________ and hurt yourself.

ANSWERS ottawa fnt